Beautiful. Natural. Sustainable. Community.


A Neighborhood with Heart

Good for you, good for the earth. Planned with abundant green space, and built with sustainability in mind.


Garden View is a community carefully planned to bring neighbors together around shared green spaces and community gardens.

Modern & Affordable

Affordable new homes built well, with the amenities you’d expect.  Laneway Cottages built to draw you home.

Acres of Space
Without the Acreage

Garden View is a neighborhood designed with nature in mind. When you join the Garden View community, you share green space carefully tended by professionals and enjoyed with like-minded neighbors. Experience beautiful paths, community gardens, water features, and abundant natural landscapes that highlight the beauty of southeast Nebraska.

Garden View is also a community designed to live in harmony with nature. Sustainable practices in lawn care and water management are made a priority, and shared composting areas and proximity to farming facilities blend the traditions of rural Nebraska with the modern amenities of urban life.

Beautiful Homes, Sized Right and Priced Right.

We offer Laneway Cottages because they’re built well and they’re incredibly affordable. We’re building Garden View because we believe people want the freedom to enjoy a home and property that simply fits.

Are you a retired couple wanting to downsize your home without sacrificing your lifestyle? Are you a young couple just starting out and looking for a place where you can enjoy nature? Are you a single person who’s tired of apartment dwelling and eager to own a home? We hope you’ll find a home at Garden View.

    • We believe that you don’t need a McMansion in order to have a house you enjoy owning and a home you love coming home to.
    • We believe that you shouldn’t be required to spend your life on the back of a riding mower in order to enjoy the outdoors.
    • We believe that you don’t need to shell out a half million dollars in order to get the breathing room that you crave and the amenities you deserve.

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